Shop Fitouts

Our Fitouts

Shop designs and fitouts are all unique, and we get that. Because no brand personalities are the same, every shop needs a bespoke design to engage shoppers and maximise the floor space available. 

This requires a considerable amount of time and effort in conjunction with planning from us, your builder. We apply extra attention for all our fitout projects to ensure we get everything just right. 

We believe that fitouts directly impact customer experience, and your fitout should be one-of-a-kind.

Fitout projects

Here are a few of our recent shop fitout projects around Brisbane. 

Getting Started with your Fitout

We've just started thinking about our fitout

Fitting out your shop can require various levels of planning. So before you can commence your fitout, you need to consider whether your shop is impacted by any landlord, owner and zoning restrictions, or if you have 100% control.

Before the builder starts building your fitout they need to assess any building work times, or other codes and regulations to ensure all rules are followed.

Getting started can be overwhelming but we're able to work with all parties involved to minimise delays. We can also offer you some realistic pricing expectations to ensure your fitout project is within your budget.

By engaging your builder early we'll keep your fitout on track.

we've got plans and We're looking for our builder

That's great, your planning is well underway and now it's time to find a builder for your Brisbane fitout.

Selecting the right builder will ensure you have a positive fitout experience.

You don't just want any builder, but you need a builder that understands you, your plans and listens to what you want.

At Built By Athena, we pride ourselves on delivering an amazing experience for our clients.

So if you've signed off on your plans plus have copies of any rules and regulations, then don't just get a quote from potential builders but start building your relationship with builders who care.

How to get started

Gather your ideas

Go through Instagram, Pinterest or design magazines and gather your inspiration for what you want your fitout to be. Having your ideas ready to go will help speed up the process. 

Reach out to Us

It’s time to contact us. We want to meet with you, discuss your ideas and help you set some realistic fitout goals. By engaging us early in your build process we’re able to help you navigate the process. 

Plan your fitout

We’ll help you from the very beginning.  Putting your  plans into action, engaging the professionals you need and then obtaining your build quote. We’ll be here for you well before the build start date. 

Start your Brisbane shop fitout today

We want to hear about your project. So get in touch and speak with our team today. 

We’ll get your Brisbane fitout started and help you navigate the process.